Stivax Pain Relief Device

Stivax Treatment is an innovative therapy that helps to reset the nervous system, reduce pain, and improve blood flow and mood in patients with chronic pain

Stivax Neurostimulation - Pain Relief Device

  • Stivax treatment is minimally invasive and done in the office.
  • The first step is an evaluation to see if you are a candidate for this treatment
  • If appropriate, the device is fastened to the ear with tiny prongs penetrating the skin and taped in place, while the power source is taped to the upper chest.
  • The treatment is not medicinal and offers the potential to be more active, have less pain, and even mood improvement.   It stimulates the vagus nerve.
  • The device is water resistant and worn for a week and then switched to the other ear for a second week of treatment (two weeks is one cycle of treatment)
  • Most individuals have greater benefit with a 2nd and even a 3rd cycle of treatment, with a couple of weeks between cycles.
  • Other than mild ear discomfort that most individuals acclimate to quickly, there is minimal risk of any adverse reaction in the vast majority of selected patients.
  • Insurance: Covered by some PPO insurances (e.g. Blue Shield), and general Medicare as well.  Competitive cash rates.
  • Make an appointment with the doctor to discuss the suitability of this treatment before the procedure itself is performed.
Here  is a video that describes the Stivax device –



Here are two testimonials from my patients who have benefitted from the device – 




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