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Updated Jan, 2021. Links are for information purposes, only. Referrals to practitioners are typically made at an office visit after a diagnosis is made and include a much wider list of individuals tailored to your particular needs, location, and insurance/financial status, where applicable. Listing does not imply endorsement.

Dr. Schechter’s other website(s)

Tension Myoneural Syndrome/TMS

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Dr. Schechter’s Medical Office Facebook Page

Dr. Schechter’s Author Facebook Page

Dr. Schechter’s Twitter Feed (mind-body and pain issues predominate)

Instagram Feed is   drdavela    

Linked In Profile– Dr S 

Research and Writing

The MindBody Workbook–Dr. Schechter’s book

Think Away Your Pain-Dr. Schechter’s book

Research Publications

PPDA organization


Cedars-Sinai Medical Center



Physical therapists

Evolution Physical Therapy, Culver Adjacent– Playa Vista

OrthoSport PT

Complete Physical Therapy, Culver City– Pool Therapy, too


Disease Resources

Celiac Disease Foundation

American Heart Association