Coronavirus Epidemic– March 12

March 12

Covid-19 Coronavirus Epidemic 

David Schechter, MD on 03/12/2020 01:34 AM UTC

To our patients, I know that you are getting flooded with information on this disease. It seems that every day recommendations are changing and more restrictions are coming in. As your doctor, I want to let you know that I am doing my best on keeping up on the virus and on safety measures. For example, for many people who feel ill, a brief phone call, or longer “telemedicine” visit may be appropriate since staying home is the recommendation for most mild cases. If you come to the office with any hint of illness or exposure to Covid-19, you must wear a mask from the front door on it. Call first! Sicker patients may still wish to email or speak to us on the phone to determine the best place to go. Sometimes this is Urgent Care such as EXER in Culver City, Westwood, and elsewhere, or Playa Vista Urgent Care or Cedars Urgent Care. Some people are sick enough to go to the hospital Emergency Room. Most people recover from this flu like illness with just a sore throat and some mild respiratory symptoms like a dry cough. As you probably know, those over 70 or with other medical conditions are at higher risk of serious complications. Fortunately younger people seem relatively safe at this time, including children. I am available to answer your questions, as best as I can, via the portal and telephone as noted. I am also writing weekly at If you have moved out of state, or are no longer a patient, please write or call us to have your file inactivated and you won’t receive these messages. Your records will be be available, if needed; for example, a move back to Los Angeles. We will all get through this together. Take it day by day. Get enough sleep. Manage your stress. Avoid large crowds. Don’t touch your face—and wash your hands a lot! Truly, David Schechter, M.D.