May 27   Covid-19 Update


  • Update on vaccine: there are least 4 vaccines that have been injected into humans—i.e. Phase I testing.  Preliminary results are fair-good.  Another 70+ vaccines are being worked on as well.  I am now cautiously predicting a vaccine in early 2021.  It is possible this vaccine may only provide partial benefit, but that could be the difference between a mild case and hospitalization.  High-risk groups will be vaccinated first, also first responders, nurses, doctors.  Younger people will logically be at the end of this line.
  • Some things in LA are opening up… and many people/patients are beginning to feel the need to get out more. So how can you do this safely?  Follow the recommendations—go for a walk, walk on the beach if you like, the jetty in the Marina.  Wear a mask if you are near other people outside your family and keep your distance.  If an area feels too crowded, move on.  Stay outside, that is where it Is safest to be.   Carry hand sanitizer and use it if your hands touch something that others may have touched.  Don’t touch your face.  Staying at home is still the safest.  But mental health and social needs must also be considered and there are safe ways to ‘distance’ walk with a friend or ‘distance’ visit on a lawn (chairs at each corner), backyard, or park.
  • I was asked about grandparent visits—outdoor visiting with children and grandchildren… from a distance should be safe. Wear a mask for more protection and have your visitors wear a mask.   Distance and natural outdoor air circulation can be the key to a safe visit, dinner, or nice chat.  If you have more questions, please schedule a video visit with me.   Some families are taking advantage of free LA covid swab testing to further enhance the safety or to merge family units (parents/children with grandparents who live nearby but have been separated).  Antibody testing may also play a role if you have had a Covid-19 infection and may have measurable antibodies.
  • Appointments are available and we are figuring out ways to safely do those visits that need a doctor’s exam, with minimal time in the office—curbside check-in with my assistant Paul, sometimes finishing the visit with a phone call from me to you in your car! Less time in the office, better for all right now.  Most of our visits remain video visits—telemedicine—and are reimbursed just like office visits by your health insurance.
  • I will likely spread out these messages a little less often unless there are important updates to provide.


wear a mask

exercising outside, using a mask if near others, keeping your distance

Stay well,


David Schechter, M.D.