Spiky proteins on surface

How are you handling the isolation?  Some people are connecting to friends, even old friends on the telephone!  What a novel idea.  Also, Zoom, Skype, and FaceTime offer opportunities to see and hear the others.  I was on a Zoom book club meeting yesterday.  My wife is teaching Zoom exercise classes , some free.  Churches and Synagogues are doing virtual services on Zoom.  Friends are meeting for a simultaneous, but separate glass of wine or beer over the internet, talking and laughing… like old times.

Isolation is important right now.  Epidemiologists tell us the next few weeks are very important.  There are early signs of bending the curve, reducing the doubling rate of this disease starting to occur.  Keep the isolation, continue the physical distancing, wash hands, wash take-out containers or remove contents carefully and eat on your plates or paper plates.  Have you learned to meditate?  We all need this now.  I am using an app called Ten PercentHeadspace is great too and there are others.  Sit, close eyes, focus on the breath, distractions occur, return to the breath, and repeat.  5 minutes to start, work your way up to 10 or 15 minutes a day.

Exercise keeps your immune system up and your stress down.  Daily preferred.  Physical distancing of course if outside.   Eat your fruits and vegetables; wash them thoroughly upon return home.  Helps your immune system.  Are there projects you’ve always wanted to do, that can be done at home? Do them.  Write your memoirs, organize photos, order photo albums online, clean out closets, organize papers.  Chip golf balls in your backyard or putt on your carpet.  Watch online videos to improve your cooking, golf game, or gardening.  Do plant cuttings, watch them slowly grow.  Get on living while we wait for this epidemic to flatten out… and one day go away.

More next week. As always, if you need to reach me, use portal or call for a tele-medicine appointment.  We are postponing physicals and doing almost NO office visits at this time.  Testing still limited, but contact me if needed.   Doing 10-15 tele-medicine visits several days a week.

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