Update and Telemedicine 

David Schechter on 03/26/2020 09:36 PM UTC

First of all, I have heard from a lot of my patients and you seem to be doing a great job with the distancing recommendations and the hand washing, etc. We have tested 10 people for covid so far, only one positive and she is doing well, as is her family. So a lot of other viruses are still out there to confuse us all. I have spoken to people on the phone who may have it, but were not tested and seem to be doing well. Obviously we are all hearing the horror stories of ICU/ventilator/respiratory failure and this fortunately still represents a small percentage of all people infected with Covid-19. My practice: I am doing a lot of telemedicine visits. We are using doxy.me which doesn’t require a download or an app; it just opens up when you click on the link we send you. It uses chrome, firefox, safari and android. You can access via computer or phone for audio and video telemedicine with me (insurance now covering). Just call the office and we can set up your appointment via telemedicine. We are also seeing patients in the office with injuries, splinters, and other issues that must be seen “face-to-mask”. Some folks are coming in for physicals, some are postponing. There is availability, so let us know and we’ll figure out the best way to meet your health needs. We see a very small number of people, isolated in time, space, and mask with possible infectious disease and wipe everything down multiple times a day. As noted, only one tested positive for coronavirus. Hang in there. Get your daily exercise outside if you can. Don’t touch your face (a tissue works), doorknobs open with a sleeve or tissue, and wash those hands! Stay well! David Schechter, M.D. (also facebook.com/DSMDCulverCity )